Guiding Principles

In addition to our mission and vision, there are a core set of principles that guide our work at Hetrick-Martin Institute. The wide range of these statements reflects the diverse and intersecting nature of our work and speaks to the challenges facing young people that we serve.


  • HMI believes LGBTQ youth should have the opportunity to learn in an inclusive and affirming environment.
  • HMI believes LGBTQ youth should have access to quality education.
  • HMI believes all school personnel should be actively encouraged and enabled to practice cultural fluency in creating inclusive and affirming school environments for LGBTQ students.
  • All schools should have anti-discrimination policies that support youth in celebrating their most authentic selves and protecting LGBTQ youth in schools from bullying, harassment and violence.


  • HMI believes LGBTQ youth should have access to comprehensive healthcare.
  • HMI supports policies and practices that increase and guarantee access to healthcare for LGBTQ youth.
  • HMI believes part of healthy adolescent development is access to inclusive comprehensive sexual health education.

Mental Health

  • HMI believes youth service providers should utilize the studies of trauma-informed care, emotional wellness, and positive youth development in serving their communities.
  • HMI believes all systems, policies, and organizations should be curated to make sure LGBTQ youth feel safe and included.
  • HMI believes that reparative therapy is harmful, and laws should be in place to protect minors from the negative impacts of these practices.
  • LGBTQ youth should have access to emotional wellness services that are affirming of LGBTQ communities.